This logo was developed for ASDF, an organization that seeks to give high school students the opportunity for an affordable summer debate camp. They are a federally recognized non-profit. And with that, they sought to have a logo that would not only function as their brand image, but also one that is flexible to be used on various other mediums, such as t-shirts and marketing materials.

The final logo came in two color variations: one with a single color, and the other with multiple colors - both to be used as needed, for different needs. The goal was to come up with something that was formal, yet playful, with some hint as to what the organization actually focusses on. Thus, the final logo contains an abstract pair of stands, as would be used in debate.

Here, below, are some of the original logo concepts and variations that were played around with at the beginning stages of development. Again, we wanted to create something unique to debate, but yet something traditional that can be classic.