Oscar Wilde once wrote, “All art is quite useless.” And as someone who enjoys all aspects art - viewing, creating, etc. - this statement can seem contradictory. However when one strips down this statement to its simplest ideology, disregarding its implications, it becomes a statement that resonates.

So by Wilde stating that art is useless, he means that art is just simply art, and nothing else. Of course this is a complex philosophical issue, but taken at its basic ideology, Wilde is able to touch upon an important concept of just simply being. Call it hedonistic or pleasure seeking, I choose to think it more of as appreciating what simply is.

At my core of myself is this ideological stance by Wilde. With so much the world has to offer and only a lifetime to explore, why not simply be who I am, appreciating who other people are and what there is out there in the world.

And so to conclude, I am simply me - Brian M. Kang.

Stemming from my curiosity into the human mind, I have aptly decided to pursue in the fields of psychology and economics. Truthfully, my passions lie deeper in psychology; economics just happened to be more of a branch off of what I truly am interested in - the human mind.

Beyond my direct fields of study, I have many academic interests, and various other pursuits. I love art, and the fields of technology. Literature and philosophy intrigue me, and so much more. Again a commonality between all of my interests is that each field gives so much insight into how the human mind works.

With my penchant for creativity, a lot of my current experiences have stemmed into the field of graphic design and marketing. Not taking a traditional path, I have had the opportunity to work in the fields of marketing and fashion. By taking the side roads, I have been able to obtain a deeper understanding of the associated fields, comprehending the slight nuances each has to offer. I hope that my going about my pursuits in more unconventional ways, I may get a bigger picture.

I welcome the challenge.